Working online has become pretty common and it can make you earn money easily, without stress. It sounds fake, but there are legit jobs that can boost your monthly income, such as blogging. You only need to be very careful to make sure you are not looking at a scam. You don’t need to pay for anything, you just need a computer and fast internet speed. 

It’s not that easy to find a valid job that makes working online a guaranteed source of income. However, we have listed 7 options that are safe and free:

  1. Online surveys: you never keep your opinion to yourself? This is going to be your favorite online job. Companies will ask you to review their products or services and will send their surveys to your email address. You get paid once you’ve completed them.
  2. Online microjobs: these are small jobs that generally take a few minutes. What are they? Simple tasks, such as rating a product, writing a review or sharing a page. It’s easy and fast, who wouldn’t like to make money this way?
  3. Online captcha solving jobs: it’s the easiest online typing job. You only have to solve captchas, without restrictions of work, meaning you can do this whenever you want to. The faster you are at typing, the more you earn.
  4. Data entry: many companies need people to enter data into their systems. It’s a flexible job, that allows you to stay at your house while working, since you only need a computer and good typing skills. 
  5. Selling online: you don’t know how to get rid of some useless things you own? Sell them on Internet! There are many sites that let you list your own goods, but you have to find those who don’t ask for fees, such as Craigslist. 
  6. Interview transcriber: a lot of journalists don’t have the time to transcribe their interviews and desperately seek someone who can. It’s very simple: they will send you an audio file and you will have to transcribe it. You can also contact local newspaper to find material.
  7. Test websites: website owners pay people to test their service and discover what might be confusing to users. Through an online screen recorder, they register what you do and say step by step, so you need to be very good at explaining what you are thinking while browsing the site. It take around 20 minutes per test.

Did you find something nice?

These are some suggestions on what to do if you want to start working online. No drama, no job interviews and no CVs to send. Our list is also very useful to those who want to be home-based workers.

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