Somehow you can feel it. Your boss has changed and treats you differently. He doesn’t chat with you anymore and avoids eye contact. Let’s say it: he is giving you the cold shoulder. This is something that you may have noticed even though you’re busy day and night. If not, ask yourself every once in a while if you notice any difference at work, so that what comes next isn’t a total surprise. There are many signs your boss wants you to quit (maybe not so explicitly given). In this article you’ll figure out how to know when to quit your job.

Clear signs that your employer wants you to quit

Take a look and see if you need to take action or even quit your job:

  • You are assigned unimportant things regarding a small project; your boss doesn’t want you to take on the most relevant parts of a project. You used to, but know you are just making sure that every clients gets a thank you note. What?! It’s a kind of disempowerment and a clear sign your boss doesn’t need you or doesn’t trust you anymore. There it is – alarm number 1!
  • You are being excluded from meetings and events that you have always attended; no one invites you to regular meetings or updates you with a quick group email. You are sadly being left out from whatever is going on in your office. You feel like you’re not in the team anymore and that’s a very effective way to make you look for a new position where you can feel appreciated. I consider it one of the not-so-clear signs your boss wants you to quit.
  • Your responsibilities have changed and now someone else is doing the majority of your tasks; your weekly activities are now assigned to your new colleague and you just stare a the ceiling for hours. Soon you won’t be needed anymore. This is the biggest sign your boss wants you to quit, forcing you to find a new challenging job. 

You can (and should!|) definitely do something about this. There are a few bosses who actually come up to you and discuss the issue. However, generally speaking your boss will give you the aforementioned signs when it’s time to quit your job and it’s up to you to handle the situation. I suggest to talk directly to them and see if you can solve the issue.

If you like your job very much and you don’t want to leave it for any reason, you have to try to keep it in any possible way. So, roll up your sleeves and show them what you’re worth!

Instead, if you feel like nothing is going to work out, start looking for a new job and prepare for job interviews!


Eager to find a new job?

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