Summer 2020 is coming. We can be sure that this time it will a different summer than those we’re used to: due to the Covid-19 emergency, tourism will be limited, crowds will be avoided and many activities will probably still be closed.

In many countries, due to this crisis, schools closed their doors earlier, switching to e-learning when possible. Therefore, many boys and girls found themselves isolated at home, looking at their summer projects fading away before them. For many of them, summer would have meant complete relax, while others would have tried to find a job in order to get their first self-earned money and enter the working world.

Need some help?

Find a summer job and work from home

Good news! Did you boys know that there are plenty of summer jobs you can do directly from your home? Of course, this would not be the same of an actual job, since you will have a different relationship with your colleagues and it will maybe not be as fun. However, if you’re main purpose is getting some money, here you go:

  1. Language lessons: if English is your mother language, you should know that people from all over the world is willing to pay money to talk with you. That’s because English is currently the most popular language and a lot of people use it for their jobs. However, many of them are not super confident and need practice, thus they are constantly looking for someone to talk with. There is a number of free apps available for the task, check them out. Otherwise you can post something on advertisements websites, like Craigslist.
    If you’re not English mother tongue, you still can try with your language, but probably you will not have as many requests.
  2. Surveys: there are a lot of platforms that pay you to answer surveys. Usually, in order to attend these surveys you don’t need to be expert in any field. All you have to do is express your opinions about different topics. Some services, like LifePoints Panel, can pay you with Amazon Gift Cards.
    Taking surveys is easy and doesn’t require almost any effort, however you cannot expect to make a lot of money out of it. In many cases, surveys allows you to collect points that you can convert into vouchers. However, you often need to reach a certain number of points in order to be able to monetize them.
  3. Transcriptionist: listen and write down, as easy as that. Many websites need fast transcriptions of their video or speech. These are usually spot jobs that companies assign to freelancers. There are platforms like Rev, that match demand and supply of transcribers.
  4. Video editing: if you have skills in video making you can edit videos for others. Today more than ever, company of every size need video for advertising purposes. Of course, big projects will require particular skills, but small companies may want to create a message with low budget. Think for example at small shops or restaurants in your city. Be aware that this is a hard task, since your clients will expect a work of good quality. Be sure that you are skilled enough.
  5. Copywriting: You can write articles for blogs and get paid. Online you can find lots of websites crossing supply and demand for ghost writing. You will usually have a deadline, a topic, a minimum number of words and eventually some SEO keywords. If you’re required to write about something you don’t know, you’ll need to read similar contents online, so you will also have the possibility to learn a lot of things!
  6. Data entry: another good job for this summer is data entry. Many firms use to assign manual activities to external workers, so that their employees can focus more on strategic tasks. Data entry jobs are usually about filling forms, inserting informations into spreadsheets and so on. Although it may seem boring, it is an extremely important tasks, because companies need to work on correct data in order to become leaders.
  7. Tester: When launching new products or services, companies look for people to test them. This job is usually done by volunteers that will benefit from the new product and want to be the first ones to try it, but sometimes you can also find paid testing jobs.

This is a selection of jobs that you can do from home this summer. Don’t let the Coronavirus stop you from searching a job for the summer!