Sales jobs may be easy to come by, but keeping hold of them may turn out to be a harder task than you first imagined.

It may seem glamorous and easy, and it could well be if you get a firm grip on what is needed to rise up through the ranks in a sales career.  If you succeed you will be able to make the most out of amazing bonuses, boost your financial balances and maximize your weekend fun.

So where do we begin?

Personal skills to become a great salesman

Typically most sales positions will have you starting at the bottom as you cut your teeth, and allow you to work your way up. You will need for sure a positive attitude and lots of determination, but sometimes that is not enough. In order to become a great salesman and get far away in your sales career, you need to develop a deep understanding of psychology and on how to positively influence a potential buyer into a sale.

In order to do this, it is vital to be confident in yourself, in your body language and in your attitude. If your clients see that you don’t really care or believe in what you are saying, how can you expect them to hand over the money they spent the whole day working for? Knowing what the buyer wants is crucial for a career in sales, and carrying the wrong message could lead you to a dead end.

Don’t be pushy in the wrong sense, in a forceful way that would put off even the most ardent of buyers. You need to be on their side, and befriending the customer is paramount when you are looking to make sales.

Know your product

Speaking of knowing what the buyer wants, you definitely need a deep understanding of the product you are offering, and know the ins and outs of the industry you are operating in. Remember that most of the time your client is in the field and knows his stuff. If he senses that you are unaware of basic elements or statistics, it can weaken your bargaining position.

Engage your client

Can you keep somebody interested while they are considering an offer? Periods of silence can be a killer blow if you are unable to engage for even a short period of time, as their enthusiasm can drop and the sale will fall through. To master the sales career you are working towards, know the customer and the product and you can rise up through the ranks.

In such a competitive working world, there is barely any time to catch your breath in the sales sector as you learn to swim fast. Therefore, picking up as many skills along the way is crucial if you want to get the sales career you have always dreamed of.

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