Social media jobs are not a new field anymore but still job titles can be confusing or unestablished. Do you work in the sector and don’t know how to call yourself? You’re not the only one. I decided to list some options to choose from, according to what feels more appropriate for you and your company. Some of them are more “traditional”, others more original and funny. Many employers are starting to use creative social media job titles to catch the attention of job seekers and playful candidates. However, other companies prefer standard ones because they are know by the majority of people and might sound more professional. 

Choose the social media job title that suits you!

There’s no right or wrong definition, but I think that a job title should be clear and communicate immediately your actual position, although some original job titles are pretty funny and engaging. If the title you choose is too particular and nobody ever heard anything like that before, it can make people wonder what exactly do you do. In some cases this can actually be a smart move: curiosity often leads to dialog, that in this case means interview.

You can find a few examples of social media job titles below, including brief descriptions:

  • Blogger or Corporate blogger
    This person creates content for a company in order to promote its business, services and Marketing campaigns. Contents must be published regularly and aim to engage the public. 
  • Social Media Manager
    This is one of the most known and common social media job titles. This role regards all aspect of Social media concerning specific products or campaigns.
  • Social Media Planner
    This person works on the direction the company will take, as for social media content. They can also propose campaigns to digital advertisers and coordinate the team.
  • Content Manager
    Can also be a blogger, because they write content for the company’s blog, for example. They are often writers or former journalists or freelancers. 
  • Brand Champion
    This role needs a Marketing background because a Brand Champion is responsible of the development and marketing communication of specific brands. Needs to be a champion, of course.
  • Client Engagement Manager
    This is responsible for clients’ satisfaction and – obviously – engagement. 
  • New Media Co-ordinator
    Coordinates (duh!) online activities and events, monitoring the influence of social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Virtual World Developer
    Is web developer too mainstream? I need help with this one… 
  • Social Media Ninja or Rockstar or Guru, also known as Social Sensei
    This is a Social Media Manager (or Specialist? Good luck with that) veeery confident in himself – and I hope that he really knows his stuff! If not, this job title will have a veeery negative impact.
  • Public Happy Maker
    I don’t know where to start with this one. It may be somehow related to the public’s satisfaction and engagement.

Looking for a different job title?

I know, Brand Champion what? Some social media job titles are getting out of hand and sound kind of crazy, but who are we to judge? The most important aspect is to be good at what you do, how you want to be called is secondary. What type of name would you use to describe your social media job titles? Let me know in the comments section!

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