The dynamics of power in the hiring world have shifted. Today’s employment market favours job-seekers as companies compete for qualified candidates amid low unemployment and high worker turnover. But even as opportunities open up and demand for your skills and experience increase, the hiring process often remains convoluted and confusing.

Lengthy application processes are common. Feedback and transparency are rare. Too many companies still rely on traditional hiring methods that force candidates to jump through hoops and wait weeks to hear if they’ve been successful. But new programmatic hiring solutions combining automation and artificial intelligence with human expertise are changing the recruitment process — for businesses looking for workers and for applicants.

What is Programmatic Hiring?

Programmatic job advertising programs — or recruitment marketing platforms — are gaining ground with organisations looking to streamline their hiring process and reach more applicants while cutting costs. Many leverage a pay-per-applicant (or PPA) model, which means businesses only pay for the number of applications they receive in response to an ad — rather than paying for each time someone clicks on a job posting.

But why should that matter to you?

The reason behind the shift toward these PPA models is because companies have realised the importance of delivering a better candidate experience as they compete for qualified applicants. And as a candidate, that’s something you can get excited about.

How Do Programmatic Job Platforms Improve Your Experience?

Improving the candidate experience sounds great if you’re a job-seeker. But what does a better candidate experience really look like?

1. Shorter Hiring Process

How often have you applied for a new position, only to wait weeks — or even months — to hear back from your potential employer? The length of the standard application process can be annoying if you’re only casually browsing for opportunities. And it can be life-changing if you’re waiting to hear back about a position you really need.

Programmatic job advertising platforms use automation to distribute recruitment ads across a broad network of websites and job boards, optimise them based on real-time responses, and target the right applicants. When employers are able to reach more qualified candidates quickly, the hiring process moves faster. And a faster hiring process means less waiting for you.

2. Targeted Ads

Are you tired of wading through job postings that initially sound appealing, only to realise they’re not the right fit? Maybe you lack the qualifications or experience the organisation is looking for, or perhaps the company doesn’t offer what you’re seeking in a career. It’s frustrating and time-consuming.

Traditional hiring methods rely on putting job posts on a few platforms and just hoping the right candidate sees them — there is no science behind who sees an ad. But programmatic solutions use algorithms and machine learning to optimise recruitment spend on platforms that are delivering results, increasing the chances that you’ll see ads that fit your job search criteria.

3. Less Bias in Recruitment

A diverse, inclusive workplace is a top priority for many job-seekers. Programmatic recruitment platforms play a role in increasing workforce diversity by helping hiring organisations reach a broader pool of potential applicants. Automating the initial screening of applications can also help eliminate bias — conscious or otherwise — in human HR teams, ensuring that potential candidates with a variety of backgrounds and experiences are included in the interview process.

4. Improved Communication

How many times have you found yourself waiting to hear back from a potential employer? Even successful applicants are often left in the dark — without any clue as to the status of their application or the stage they’ve reached in the hiring process — by prospective employers.

Programmatic recruitment platforms allow companies to automate communications throughout the hiring process, meaning unsuccessful applicants are notified and can continue their search, while potential new employees can be kept informed of their status and the next steps they should expect.

5. More Human Interaction

It may seem contradictory to suggest that automating any part of the recruitment process would lead to more human interaction between hiring organisations and applicants — but it’s not.

By automating and streamlining the overall recruitment process, programmatic platforms reduce the time human resources staff spend on some of the more repetitive, menial tasks involved in hiring new staff — allowing them to spend more time on face-to-face, personalised interactions with prospective employees.

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Hirematic Makes Hiring Better for Everyone

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