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How to Write a Graduate CV

graduate cv

Working so hard to get a degree in the sector of your choice may well feel like such a gargantuan effort that everything should work out easy from here on in. The trouble is that many others have also had the same inclination to get a degree and are after the same job you are. Therefore, compiling an exciting graduate CV has to be top of the agenda after the graduation photos are done, so you can get ahead and straight into your ideal job.

Standing out in a world full of graduates can be tricky. After all, this is the point in your life where you aren’t expected to have so much experience, but knowing how to write a graduate CV can set you apart no matter how little value you feel that Saturday job had whilst you were doing it. So where should you begin? What are the essential graduate CV tips you need to take into account before beginning? Figuring out what kind of direction you want to take in life always helps to start with. You may well have a degree in the subject, but why exactly do you want to work in such an industry? This is exactly the sort of question that recruiters and prospective employers will be asking, so tailoring your graduate CV on this basis is essential. The little things can make a big difference. As you are competing against so many other applicants with potentially similar goals, every little detail can make a huge difference. To get idea for what bits of information are most useful to include, make sure you sift through as many job descriptions as you can for the kind of sector you want to work in, and get an idea for the way it is presented.

Knowing what format you want to use for your graduate CV is also key to making it look as professional and endearing as possible. If the style is all over the place, it will be noticed and most likely used as a reason to be added to the reject pile. Have a look at examples of graduate CVs online, especially for those in the industry you are aiming for. If you are lacking in experience, but feel you have the right skills for the job, make sure these are prominent, and embellish these as much as possible. Utilise the two pages to lay down obvious markers that will show the company you are desperate to work for exactly why they should hire you, and you will give yourself the best chance to get a job interview.

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