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How to write a follow up email

how to write follow up email

After a great job interview, your chances to actually land the job remarkably increase if you write a follow up email. Most people just want to “check in” – lame! You need to make your follow up letter effective if you want to seal the deal. You have to show you would go the extra mile to get the job. Right after the job interview, write down every information and question you have before you forget them (hiring managers’ names, position, your future tasks, ideas, etc.). Then you can start creating your follow up email. Leave the recepient empty until you double check your grammar, spelling and content. You could also show your message to a friend, to have a further check. If the company is very “old school”, like a law firm, you should send a note via snail mail. You should keep it short and clear. Remind them why you are the right candidate and underline the keypoints of the job interview. Mention something you have in common with the recruiter to make an instant connection and make them remember who you are. It’s better to send your follow up email within 24 hours, when you are still fresh from the interview. This way, you should get an answer pretty soon, especially if you previously asked about the following steps in the process. Writing this type of note is essential; if you send a good email, you won’t come accross as annoying, just interested in the job.

Days have passed and you haven’t heard from anybody yet? It’s not always a bad sign, a lot could have happened, not even remotely related to you. It’s reasonable you want to check in to get some news. A call can be a bit intrusive and make your interviewer feel uncomfortable; I suggest you write an email, because it’s a quick and polite way to ask THE question. Thank them once again and ask about any update on the position. You can find a sample below:


Hello (Interviewer name),

it’s been a while since we last spoke about the position of (position you applied for) and I would like to know if there are any updates, because I’m still very interested in working at your company. I would like to thank you again for the opportunity of chatting with you. Hope to talk to you soon.

Best regards,


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