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What’s the Best CV Format for english job seekers?

best cv format

With so many people applying for the same job these days, finding a way to stand out is so important. Without it, getting noticed by the right employers can become difficult, so finding a way to get your CV on point is an essential part of any job application. We look at what your options are to help produce the best CV format, and get yourself ahead in consideration for that job you really want.

So why does a different CV format make a difference? Whilst the content you have in your CV may well actually remain pretty similar throughout these varying formats, the way you present the information to each prospective employer can influence their decision making if you get it right, and help to show why you are the right candidate. A professional CV format tends to be the best CV format for most people. It highlights your most recent experience at the top and allows for you to highlight how your most recent work is particularly relevant to the job description of the role you are aiming to fill. If you have a clear idea of your career progression and you don’t have gaps in your employment, you will tend to find this to be the most prevalent CV format UK wide.

What happens if you are looking to change your line of work, or you have been unemployed due to personal circumstances which you would hate to detract from the fact you feel you are a suitable candidate? Fear not, for all is not lost. If you have the right skills for the job but you haven’t necessarily amassed these aptitudes through employment; and instead they have come from community and volunteer work, a functional, or skills CV could be the best CV format to highlight your suitability. In this case, you would list your skills and where you have acquired them from. If you possess many transferable skills, and are looking for a way in to a new sector, this kind of CV format allows you to showcase the experience you have built up in other sectors and how this makes you a great candidate for the role. Similar to this idea is a targeted CV, which aims for a specific job and is constructed with one sole position in mind. This can be the best CV format for somebody who is happy enough in their job, but is looking for the perfect next step. This means tailoring your CV as meticulously as possible to the criteria set out by the employer you want to get noticed by, and will theoretically give you the best chance of succeeding in this case. It will take a lot of time to do this for each job of course, hence why it is often only recommended for certain, highly-specific roles.

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