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Our telephone interview tips

telephone interview tips

Your application was successful and you got a job interview on the phone. On the.. what? It sounds amazing at first, because it means you can stay at home in your pijamas while talking to the HR manager. No good, I repeat, no good! That’s not how you face a telephone interview. It’s just as serious as an in-person interview. “Really?” – You can bet your PJs it is. You have to prepare and be ready when the time calls. If you receive a call out of the blue, make sure to tell them you can’t speak at the moment and schedule another call. Let’s see a few telephone interview tips!

A phone interview requires the same preparation as a face-to-face meeting, therefore you should be well-rested and with the right answers and questions in mind. One of the most important telephone interview tips: have breakfast, get rid of your jammies and change into something more appropriate. It’s important to dress for the part to convey the fact that you are prepared and able to get the position. So I suggest not to lay down on your couch, but to sit at a table, with a paper with questions and a glass of water next to you. Now you have to get rid of any kind of distractions, such as TV or Internet. Make sure no one is around so that you can talk freely in a quiet environment. Here we go to the fun part – the actual interview. be professional both when you answer and when you hang up. It’s important, yet underestimated, to smile while talking. Trust me, the interviewer will notice (and you’ll come across as a positive person). Telephone interview questions are more or less similar to classical ones, meaning about your salary expectations, why you want to work for them, why you left your previous job, etc. Ensure you have a few questions yourself to show you are paying attention and care about the offer. It’s also essential to let them know that you are interested in the role, you must show some enthusiasm. These are very useful telephone interview tips can can really boost your performance.

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