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Why you should choose “One page CV”

one page cv

We know one thing: recruiters love short CVs. They actually prefer them, especially if they have to go through hundreds of them, because they can save time – and we know it, time is money. It’s pretty easy to create a CV in one page if you are looking for an entry level job, because it means you don’t have that much experience and can fit all of your jobs in little space. If you are a more down the road, you need to learn a few tricks to trim your long (and maybe boring?) CV. It doesn’t matter if you are a Project Manager with 8 years of experience, you can manage to create this kind of CV.

Some people say that the length is related to the type of job you are looking for and what kind of candidate you are, but I suggest it should have maximum two pages even in particular cases. However, we’re talking here about one page CV, which can be very effective and make you stand out, for real. Recruiters usually take between 3 and 6 seconds to screen a candidate. If you have a short, clear and significant presentation, you will be taken into consideration for sure. Your CV will be easily sent, printed and handed to other people in the company, because it’s short and quick to analyse – a huge Pro.

How can you shorten your Curriculum Vitae and turn it into a one page CV? Don’t panic, we have a few tips:

  • Focus on your best achievements and erase super old jobs  (and what’s not relevant to the position you are applying for). Mention the experiences that prove your ability in the field.
  • Cut the sentence “References available upon request”. It’s obvious you’ll provide references if requested. This move can save you space, which can be used to add relevant info.
  • Don’t be dramatic and write your name the same font as the rest of the CV (or slightly bigger). Recruiters know where to find it – at the top of the page. And it won’t steal any precious space.
  • Describe each job position in one line. Trust me, it’s enough. You can write your tasks and start erasing the ones that are not necessary, that you performed in other jobs or that don’t make you stand out.
  • Always send your CV in a PDF format. It looks more professional and well-thought and it won’t become sloppy because of a different formatting. Submit it in Word (or any other format) only if requested.
  • Write your contact info on one line. You can separate address, email, LinkedIn and phone number with lines or dots, for example.

You can find your ideal one page CV template easily on the web and you can work on it to create your personal version. Make it simple and clear, don’t leave too much blank space thinking it will look prettier. If you want, you can change your margins to 0.5″. Just make sure it’s neat and professional, make it a winning CV. You can also ask your friends to see theirs in order to have in mind a real example of a one page CV.

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