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How to work from home: 8 real jobs

how to work from home

There are many ways you can earn some extra money from your home. You can also choose to quit your stressful job in a sad office and work from your comfortable house. It sounds amazing, I know. That’s why it’s very common to run into scams. Be careful, real jobs never ask you to pay a fee to apply or to get details about the offer.

But how to work from home and keep your life together? You have lots of options when it comes to home-working: it’s a fast growing area. So, here you can find the most common jobs that don’t require leaving your house:

  1. Virtual assistant; are you very good at time management? Then you have what it takes to become a VA. You can provide administrative support to businesses or entrepreneurs, according to your skills and background. You will have to make phone calls, reply to emails, schedule appointments, proofread documents and other tasks on the basis of your experience and talent. You can expect to earn up to £45 per hour if you become a top virtual assistant.
  2. Telemarketer; this job requires patience, a nice personality and the will talk to different people. You may also face some negative reactions to your calls. However, it’s a legit way to make some money. Telemarketers are usually paid by the hour, plus bonuses based on performance.
  3. Translator; if you are fluent in more than one language and want to earn money, this is the job for you. It’s a very flexible profession and it allows you to translate files and recordings, whenever you want to. Deadlines might be a little tight, but you can manage your time the way you want to. You can earn from £10 to £40.
  4. Call Center employee; companies now hire home-based agents to answer phone calls form customers, who want to buy something or give a complaint. They are given instructions on how to reply and provide a great customer service.
  5. Freelance writer; it’s a great way to make money from home, because you don’t need a special training, just some creativity and the ability to write good content. You can make up to £60 per hour.
  6. Customer service; agents who work from home take in-bound calls for many companies. You can manage your time schedule and adapt it to your lifestyle. You can earn more or less £8 per hour.
  7. Survey taker; how to work from home while having fun? Take a survey. You can add up some extras to your income, earning around  £100 a month spending two hours a week online.
  8. Medical transcriptionist; this is not an easy job, it’s pretty demanding. You are supposed to type up dictations from doctors, who are often in a hurry, maybe eating at the same time. The medium wage is £13,20 per hour.

Now you know how to work from home and you can easily find these jobs online, so prepare your CV and get ready to start!

3 thoughts on “How to work from home: 8 real jobs

  1. Its very helpful blog .thankyou for posting this. I m a house lady.i want to do work at home. Help me to find good home job.

    1. Hello Asma, I’m glad you think our blog is useful. In this article you can find nice ideas to find a good home-based job. If you want to check out some job offers, visit our website 🙂

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