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How to prepare for a job interview and ace it

Prepare for a job interview

You have a job interview and want to give the best performance of your life. It’s for a great position and you really hope to succeed. So, how to prepare for a job interview? First of all, research is essential. Follow these tips in order to gain confidence and make a great first impression:

  1. Do some basic research:
    • About the position; read carefully the job offer and make sure you know exactly what they are looking for.
    • About the company; google information about the CEO, the environment, the values of the company and read anything relevant, such as the increase of sales during the previous year.
    • About the interview; contact the company to know the exact location and time of the job interview. Don’t leave anything out.
  2. Practise some answers:
    • About you; recruiters always ask the candidate to talk about themselves. They want to know how you present yourself, your communictaion skills and your work experience. Preparing a brief summary is very important.
    • About your accomplishments; you must underline the most important goals you reached, how you helped your previous company and be accurate about it. You can also talk about private achievements, regarding the time you spent volunteering, for example.
    • Reasons why you want the job; this is an essential element of your preparation. You have to stand out and underline what makes you fit for the position. I suggest you to mention what you can do for the company as well, highlighting your skills and competencies.
  3. Pick your outfit the night before; choose what you want to wear at the job interview before going to bed. It’s one less thing to think about when you wake up and it saves you some time. Pick something professional and elegant, avoid bright colors and t-shirts.
  4. Take a good night’s rest:it will make you feel great in the morning – and you won’t look like a zombie.
  5. Leave early; there’s no need to start the day in a rush. Consider possible traffic or other unexpected events that might slow you down. It’s better to get near the office early  than to get there stressed and late.
  6. Pay attention to your interviewer. Sometimes we just focus on what we are saying and forget that it’s a bidirectional conversation. Look at your interlocutor and listen carefully.
  7. Follow up with a “thank you” note; you can send it by email or snail mail, it depends on the type of company you are dealing with and on what you think is most appropriate. Make sure it’s not too long, one page maximum. It’s widely appreciated and it can make a difference in the hiring process.

This is how to prepare for a job interview without making huge mistakes. These guidelines help you focus on what’s important, leaving the stress and negative emotions out. Confidence is the key to success. If you show that you feel confident about your skills and you know what you want and are determined to get it, people will appreciate it. Don’t overdo it or you can look a bit arrogant. Keep a positive attitude at the job interview and you’ll be sure to come across as a pleasant person to have around. Smile and be nice to everyone. Remember to bring your CV with you and good luck!

Have we missed other important steps? Let us know in the comment section, we’re happy to read how you prepare for a job interview.

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