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How to be successful in an interview: mini guide

how to be successful

Job interviews are all about one thing: selling yourself. Time changes, the job market changes but you can be sure successful interviews always share the same characteristics. That doesn’t mean we all know how to be successful in an interview. Sometimes it’s not that easy to understand it and do it in real life experiences, but we want you to shine and we want to give you a few tips for a successful interview.

It’s important to know the culture and management of the company you want to work for. It helps you understanding its dynamics in order to prepare your answers. In fact, you should taylor your presentation and answers according to the specific job and work environment. You also need to think about the company and see if it’s the right place for you and your needs. If you are completely aware of your answers, you will find it easier to control your body language and words. It’s important to be enthusiastic about the job offer and about your experiences and skills. However, your body has to communicate the same message, so make sure you control stress and don’t instill negative vibes. It’s important to engage your interlocutor and show you are interested in the details of the job offer, so ask questions. They can be about the role, about the company, about the contract or your interviewers’ experience. Remeber to ask anything you are unsure of in order to get the whole picture. Sometimes the interview can be very fast because recruiters don’t have the time to chat and they focus on the most important questions in a short period of time. Don’t worry about that, your job interview is as valid as the others, just concise. In fact, many companies are starting to have group job interviews, so that they can save a few hours and compare different candidates at the same time. Now you know how to be successful in an interview, you just need to practise (even in front of a mirror or with a friend) to gain confidence. However, your job is not done yet. After the meeting, write a thank you email to your employer. It can really affect your general performance, because recruiters pay attention to it and appreciate it. We suggest to send it within 24 hours from your interview to have more chances to land a new job.
Do you have other suggestions on how to be successful in an interview? Can’t wait to read your ideas!

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