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How to write a good Customer Service CV

customer service CV

You work in the customer service field and you love it, therefore you are obviously good with people. Recruiters know and expect that. So, what makes you different? How can you convince them you are the perfect candidate for the company – or at least make them screen your profile? You need an outstanding customer service CV. It’s very useful to mention any certification or price that shows your ability to handle clients, some sort of achievements section. If you don’t have that, focus your entire CV on your qualifications and experiences.

So you can start with a personal statement that describes your professional figure, something that sums up your skills and experience and makes your customer service CV worth a read. Then you can start writing about your experiences and previous jobs, describing your main tasks and skills you acquired. It’s important to be accurate to show you are good at your job and always willing to learn new things. In this specific case, you can add even those experiences that are not customer service jobs, but were useful to learn other important soft skills. Are there any essential competencies and skills? Of course, for example good communication, patience, persuasion, time management skills, ability to foresee customers’ needs, goal-oriented, etc.. When you mention your educational background, such as high school and university, please try to include any subject or activity which is customer-oriented. It’s also important to mention your hobbies and extra activities that will make you shine. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Voluntary work, playing in a band, acting.. any side project or passion that highlights the fact that you were always surrounded by many different groups of people. Being in contact with people and building strong relationships is what makes you an interesting candidate.

You can find dozens of different customer service CV samples, but I suggest to stay simple. A clear and neat CV is always a winning choice. Yes, you can be a little original, but remember that you must come across as a professional and trustworthy person. I wish you all the success in your job search and remember – smile! People will like you instantaneously.

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