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What are the fastest growing careers in UK?

fastest growing careers

Getting yourself along the right career path can be an essential part of feeling happy and secure in your job, and being in an industry which you know is likely to provide you with work for years to come is also worth looking out for. Therefore, figuring out what the fastest growing industries are can really help when you are embarking on a job search. If you know that you are among the growing careers in the UK, it can help you relax and seek training without watching opportunities drying up in front of you, so we look at some of the fastest growing careers to take a look at.

According to the most recent figures emanating from industry sources, hospitality is most definitely one of those industries providing growing jobs across the country, and with many start-up businesses such as restaurants and pubs also looking for new staff, there has never been a better time to be involved. Thanks to an increase in the amount of housing and commercial property currently being developed, the construction sector is once again burgeoning, having recovered from the collective downturn all job prospects suffered during the 2008 market crash. Manufacturing is also experiencing an upturn, and currently provides an opportunity to be a part of one of the fastest growing careers here in the UK. With this industry offering so many different facets, including engineering, design and skilled manual work, there are plenty of ways to be involved in this sector, and as our technological reach improves, such an industry shows no signs of slowing down. Also coming into similar terms of engineering is aerospace, which is also in a period of exciting development. With many contracts being awarded here in the UK, there are plenty of opportunities for all kinds of engineers and again, it would be a pretty unlikely scenario to see such a strong industry fail to continue its impressive growth. Indeed, at least 27% of the UK’s GDP was provided by engineering, and with jobs also in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors within these fields, there are plenty of options to check out.

As you might expect in the digital age we live in now, another one of the fastest growing careers is based in information services, in case an office vibe is more your sort of thing. So get out there and see what careers are right for you!

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