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CV mistakes: the worst you can make

CV mistakes

You didn’t get any job interview and start thinking there’s something wrong with you. Trust me, you’re fine and definetely worth a call. So it’s not you, it’s your CV. People underestimate the power of a well-written CV and don’t even waste time checking theirs. It’s not just a list of experiences and details about your educational background, it’s your digital business card. Therefore it’s very important to impress employers – or at least not to make them laugh because of our funny CV mistakes.

Recruiters say that candidates keep making the same bad moves over and over again, and they blow their chances of landing a job. It doesn’t matter how great you are, employers will discard you if you make common CV mistakes. We want you to succeed in your job search, so we listed some of the worst mistakes found in resumes, please take a look:

  • Typos and bad grammar; it seems obvious, but these kind of mistakes are deadly. It can happen to anybody, but employers see them as a lack of attention for details, which is an important skill for many job positions. Before sending your CV you should make someone else read it. You need good proofreaders.
  • Poor formatting and weird fonts; recruiters want to easily read resumes, so you need to pay attention to clearity and simplicity. Go for white paper and black ink, a normal font size and aligned columns (you can be more creative if you are a designer, for example).
  • Very long CVs; lenght is important! No one reads a super long CV, it’s not necessary to write millions of details about you. Focus on what’s important and relevant for the position you are applying for.
  • Unexplained gaps (mention travels, volunteering, personal projects)
  • Bad email address; fairyprincess or badboysrulez are out of question. Write a serious and professional email address, be smart.

These are some of the worst CV mistakes you can make, but there’s always something even worse! Tell us your CV do’s and don’ts in the comment section.

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