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Current employment legislation in UK: a guide

current employment legislation

With all of the hysteria surrounding Brexit, many a false claim has been offered forward in terms of how current employment legislation is going to change dramatically, but at the moment, employment law UK wide has not seen many recent changes. We compile a little guide to make sure you are on top of everything.

The key components of employment legislation UK workers most have to concern themselves with are usually around what exactly is classed as employment in the first place, and therefore the specifics that current employment legislation includes. To be officially defined as employment here in the UK, there must be a contract of service, which dictates what duties must be carried out in order to receive the wage which is suited to the role. If the contract duties are fulfilled as agreed and you are not paid the wage agreed in these terms, as set out in such a confirmation of employment, it is important to look at employee rights and if necessary, take your employer to an employee rights tribunal, where they will take into account all that has happened and will determine a legal outcome that must be followed by the employer under threat of legal prosecution. That is one of the safe aspects of current employment legislation, which mandates that employers must follow certain rules to protect employees from undue discrimination, and withdrawal of statutory employment rights.

The law in the UK is set up to provide a basis to support both the employee and the employer from flagrant abuse of contract agreements and mandatory legislation to provide basic rights for the worker. As long as you have the right to work in the UK, as dictated by which country you are from and the bilateral agreements which may exist for these countries, such as agreements currently in place for those from the European Union and vice versa. For up to date and employment legislation news, especially after the recent Brexit vote, it is important to stay on top of what the rules are to make sure you stay the right side of them and don’t get caught out accidentally.

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