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Career in Finance: is it for you?

career in finance

If the half of your weekend is spent dreading the time where you have to wake up on Monday and go to work, the chances are you may not be too fond of your job. A career in finance is not for everyone, and depending on what aspect you are currently fulfilling in your role, the daily grind may be dragging you down. We look at the top tell-tale signs that you should look for a career elsewhere.

One of the typical ways to draw people into a career in finance in the first place is the draw of on-top earnings and bonuses as a reward for spending a significant amount of time and energy making your bosses extra money, and the inevitable career progression and steps towards seniority that have been promised as part of the package. Should you find that these guarantees simply haven’t materialised, it can easily push you into despondence in terms of how you feel in your team. Should you find that the aspects you really cared about that made you move into a career in finance simply aren’t being met by your associates, employers or clients, it can be easy to feel disaffected. If you know deep down that the position you are being asked to carry out doesn’t really fit with everything you have worked so hard for, and you feel compromised in even doing so, it is a good acknowledgement of where you stand within the business.

Of course, you may well find that the stress of chasing deals, payments and all of the associated financial jargon is getting to your head and affecting your life outside of work, moving towards another career that allows you to be more of who you feel you are could be a perfect transition. The great thing about moving from a career in finance to a sector outside of such financially-incentivised behaviour is that there are many transferable skills you can carry across to a different industry, where your administrative qualities would be welcomed with open arms. Finance jobs may not be for you if you find that your motivation is slipping, but there will be plenty of employers who would love to make the most of your experiences and train you up in another role – who knows, you may even enjoy it.

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