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What are the best interview questions for teachers?

interview questions for teachers

There it is, a teacher interview coming up. It’s time to prepare your answers and impress your interviewers. Remember that it’s highly possible you will have to face a panel interview. You should expect many questions regarding different topics, such as your subject, current issues in education, personal passions (beside children) and age range. It can be a bit confusing, so we gathered some teacher interview questions to help you get a second meeting for the role – and maybe land the job.

Here you can find a list of interview questions for teachers to support your preparation:

  • “Tell us about yourself”; a classic, it never gets old.
  • “Why did you want to become a teacher?”; be honest and show your real enthusiasm about teaching.
  • “Describe a management plan for a classroom”; think of a real example.
  • “What would you do in case of abuse?”; it’s a delicate subject that requires a professional yet personal answer.
  • “How would you handle bullies?”; it’s pretty common in schools. Again, gi
  • “How would you engage difficult students?”;
  • “Do you have any questions?”;

It’s important not to give generic answers, but to be specific and accurate in order to be taken into consideration. Don’t give standard answers, but give a personal point of view. Interview questions for teachers are designed to get to know you better as a person, as well. Don’t forget to talk about your skills, in particular those that match the job description. Interview questions for teachers can be pretty delicate and difficult, but are not impossible. Keep in mind recruiters want to hire the best fit for their school and they need to be sure you are the best for their students. Be yourself and talk passionately about your profession. I hope these teacher interview tips will help you get the job you want!

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