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The best companies in Manchester: apply now

companies in Manchester

London is not the only place rich in job opportunities. Manchester, the Great Manchester, is an amazing place for your ambitious career. There are plenty of good companies to apply for, you can choose from different sectors and important names. Working can turn into something fun and challenging.  

Here you can find 5 of the best companies to work for in Manchester, according to us:

  • Google; everyone loves Google and would like to work there. It’s the largest search engine in the world and has an incredible reveniew of $29 billion a year. It has an important office in Manchester (and it looks amazing) that offers many different kinds of jobs. Entry level? Don’t worry, there’s room for you as well.
  • BBC has its home in Manchester and it’s an amazing place to be employed at. It’s famous worldwide and it’s one of the most watched stations for the news. It’s the right place for you if you want to work in this environment, whether you want to be in front of or behind the camera.
  • Kellog’s is a huge corporation and has a revenue of over $12 billion a year. The European HQ are in Manchester, where you can also find its largest factory. You can always find interesting vacancies, you might be the right candidate!
  • McVitie’s; do you like their cookies? Try to be their next emploee and you won’t feel bad about buying dozens of packs anymore! They’re UK citizens’ favourite, they eat around 71 million of boxes every year.
  • Stagecoach Manchester; you are a driver who loves the city and the surrounding area? This is the perfect company for you. It offers a lot of steady jobs.

You can always find interesting jobs in Manchester. It’s a dynamic place, where excitement and ambition fill the air. Some people feel like it’s going to become the next global city and are very driven and motivated by this optimistic view. There are always new job vacancies in Manchester and no job seeker lacks in motivation, so be ready to join the games!

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