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5 interview questions&answers for Managers

interview questions

If you are looking for management jobs, prepare to answer very specific questions. There are many types of interview questions for managers and we want to provide you with the best answers. I am sure you know how to successfully face a job interview, but it’s better to prepare to possible new questions, since you are about to have a management interview. You will be asked about common competencies and traits that are necessary to do a great job.

The interviewer will ask you about your decision-making skills, how you delegate important tasks and how you motivate and reward your staff. Let’s see more in detail some interview questions for managers and how to possibly answer them:

  • “What’s your point of view on Management?” looks like a simple question, but it aims to reveal what type of leader you are or you think you are. You can voice your opinion, highlighting the essential traits (that you have) for a successful manager. Then you can say that it’s important for managers to evenly distribute the workload among the team in order to successfully reach any target. You can give an example of how you divide tasks within the staff.
  • “What’s your definition of success/failure?”. These questions can be pretty subjective and help the interviewer understand how you perceive both. You can talk about your personal point of view on this matter. However, I suggest to give a clear and short answer.
  • “How do you make decisions?”. In this case it’s better to answer according to the specific job position and company, showing that you would be a great fit. You can say that you analyse all information you have, thinking about possible effects and consequences. To reach the goal you are not afraid to ask for further opinions before making a decision, because you want to consider all factors before it’s too late.
  • “Tell me about a time you had to delegate a very important task.” Your answer will show whether you are able to organize your team and be clear about expectations and results or not. It’s important to work together to optimise performances and to balance the workload.
  • “Tell me about a recent bad decision you took/ about your weaknesses.” Be honest, but just a little bit. Don’t talk about when you failed big time, but think of a bad situation that you managed to fix so that everything turned out well. As for your weaknesses, mention something you improved over time or tell how you are working on it to be a better manager.

I think that interview questions for senior managers are similar to the ones listed above, because hiring managers need to look into the same areas, skills and competencies. Management jobs are very important for any company and the right candidate will be responsible for many important decisions. Therefore, I suggest to mention that you take responsibility of your team’s mistakes and know how to handle possible risky situations. I hope these interview questions for managers will help you succeed in your next interview.

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